Taylor Swift Performs Nashville Concert In Pouring Rain After Storm Delay: ‘We All Look Like River Otters’

Recording artist Taylor Swift didn’t let a torrential downpour stop her from performing in Nashville.

The “Midnight Rain” singer had to delay her concert at Nissan Stadium on Sunday night due to lightning strikes in the downtown area, which meant the show didn’t begin until after 10 p.m. and concluded after 1:30 a.m., per a Variety report. Swift kept playing even as the rain fell.

One hour ahead of the scheduled concert time, announcements appeared on big screens and social media warning attendees to shelter in place or stay in their cars if they had not gone inside yet. That warning remained from around 5:30 until around 9:45.

Most of the 70,000 concertgoers stayed for the late show even though they all got soaked. The outlet described the general mood of the crowd as “delirious.” 

“It’s officially a rain show,” the “Shake It Off” composer told the crowd when the skies opened up during her performance. But rather than ending the concert early, Swift kept playing and making jokes.

taylor alison swift. god of thunder and lightning. #NashvilleTSTheErasTour #TSThe pic.twitter.com/XT7Hhb7S7u

— Alexandra || {Taylor’s Version} (@alltooswiftly13) May 8, 2023

“This is something we’re all doing together. It’s like such a bonding experience,” she said during the “Red” portion of her “Eras”-themed show. “We’re all gonna leave here tonight looking like we just went through five car washes… People will be like, ‘Where were you? Several wars?’ And you’re like, ‘No, I just went to the Eras Tour. It’s fine.’”

At almost 1 a.m. Swift began her “surprise songs” portion of the performance, Variety noted. The National singer Aaron Dessner joined Swift onstage to perform the “Midnights” bonus track “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve.” He was soaking wet as well.

“You guys have been through a lot tonight,” Swift told the crowd. “We all look like we were sprayed by a garden hose. We all look like river otters.” 


The “Love Story” composer said of Dessner, “He was warned about the rain and he did accept the challenge anyway. Don’t worry about us, we’ve talked about this. We knew this was a possibility. Your hair is gonna look just as good as mine pretty soon.”

Dessner replied, “I was lucky to see other shows on this tour, but in the rain it’s even better.” 

At the end of the show, Swift instructed fans to “make some noise for my phenomenal dancers who danced in the rain for you all night. … The fact that you stayed for us, that you gave us everything you had — we love you so much, Nashville. We will never forget this night.”

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