Thanks To CNN, You Can Watch Pelosi And Schumer Scarf Down Chinese Food And Slurp Some Soup

Have you ever seen a bunch of freeloaders eat a meal? They tend to wolf it down so quickly that you have to wonder whether they even taste the food.

If you’re confused, then you’re probably a mooch yourself. Or, you just might be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

The two recently sat down for lunch at the “Hunan Dynasty” Chinese restaurant in Washington, D.C. for their “first-ever” joint interview together. It’s unclear who exactly paid for the lunch — perhaps they went Dutch or Pelosi footed the bill — but it is safe to say that the pair has bilked the taxpayers for plenty of dough since they entered politics.

This hard-hitting piece of journalism appeared on CNN — perhaps no surprise to our readers.

Pelosi and Schumer had Peking duck, hot and sour soup, shrimp dumplings, and more. Here’s a brief recap of the gruesome twosome’s meal at the restaurant located near Capitol Hill:

Obsessed with this interview in which Pelosi and Schumer just ate Chinese food the whole time

— Steve Morris (@stevemorris__) December 16, 2022

We know Pelosi loves Chinese food because back in February 2020, she was encouraging all Americans to go down to San Francisco’s Chinatown and eat dim sum to prove they weren’t racist.

COVID was just beginning and at that point, the Left’s biggest concern was that fears of the virus — which was just starting to explode in Wuhan, China — would lead to anti-Chinese racism in Trump’s America.

Then the left realized they could politicize the issue and use the pandemic to amass government power and bash the 45th president, so they forgot about their virtue signaling on that front.

Anyway, now that the pandemic is over — or maybe it isn’t depending on whether you ask President Joe Biden or the folks actually running the show — Pelosi and Schumer are back to eating Chinese food.

At one point during the meal, Schumer said, “I’m eating too much,” which is a bit of an understatement.

The speaker took a break in between courses to voice her support for Biden’s potential 2024 run. She says he has done an “excellent” job.

The conversation featured the typical bashing of President Donald J. Trump that you can expect from the Dems.

At this point in the column, readers may be wondering about the photo choice for the story. What do current climate czar John Kerry and the deceased portly Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) have to do with any of this?

Well, the simple answer is that the photo of the cackling men was taken at Schumer’s book party thrown by then-Senator Hilary Clinton (D-NY- in 2007 at Hunan Dynasty — the same restaurant where the CNN interview took place.

Kerry and Kennedy joined Schumer to celebrate his book “Positively American.”

At the time, Schumer said, “I felt a real yearning … I felt a real yearning and a passion to get my ideas out to help my country.”

Perhaps he was inspired by a “Seinfeld” re-run the night before the big bash:

The other explanation of the photo selection is that Kerry and Kennedy are included to remind readers what sort of scoundrels the U.S. has been dealing with for decades now.

Kennedy killed a woman in a drunken stupor in Chappaquiddick and even allegedly violently sexually assaulted a waitress across town at a French restaurant.

Still, Kennedy is lauded by the Democratic Party to this very day.

Speaking of Chinese for lunch, Kerry has been having his lunch eaten by the Chinese as of late. The man has totally failed in getting the community country on board his green energy gambit.

To close, you have to wonder why politicians ever agree to eat food on camera.

Between the clanging of the forks and knives as well as the shoveling of food in their faces, it is never a great look.

If you are interested in the rendezvous, watch here:

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