‘That’s Some Orwellian Nonsense’: Dana Perino Slams Biden’s Plan To Police Free Speech With Big Tech

‘That’s Some Orwellian Nonsense’: Dana Perino Slams Biden’s Plan To Police Free Speech With Big Tech

Dana Perino slammed President Joe Biden’s plan to police free speech with big tech after internal documents revealed social media companies working with intelligence agencies to crack down on what they “deemed to be disinformation.”

During a panel discussion on Fox News’ “The Five” on Tuesday, the co-hosts talked about how new emails have been uncovered that show the FBI and DHS closely collaborating with “top social media companies” on such issues as the “origins of COVID-19 pandemic,” “racial justice,” and the withdrawal from Afghanistan, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

Greg Gutfeld said these are all areas where “Democrats don’t look good,” noting that this is basically something you would see with a Public Relations firm. They are doing the PR leg-work for the Democrats and the White House. It’s a PR movement.”

Perino then read what the government cyber-security person said which was that, “one could argue we’re in the business of critical infrastructure and the most critical infrastructure is our cognitive infrastructure.”

“That is some Orwellian nonsense,” the Fox News host declared. “What does that even mean? What is cognitive infrastructure? That means your brain?”

“I don’t think the government, doesn’t need to be involved in my brain,” Perino continued. “I’m good.”

Another host on the show, Katie Pavlich, noted that the White House basically admitted they were doing this back when former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was speaking to the press. Pavlich said Psaki said prior that, “Well, we’re in touch with social media companies and flaggings things specifically that we think they should take a look at.”

“And now we have email proof as a result of this story showing it’s not just the White House doing it,” Pavlich added. “It’s the Department of Homeland Security. A number of other intelligence agencies. And when you look at what they’re actually doing, the censorship, the punishment of people who dare to go against the narrative of Biden administration wants, it’s actually illegal. Because they are subverting the First Amendment. They are subverting the Fourth Amendment …”

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