The Fetterman Files: Pennsylvania Democrat Brings Baggage To Senate Race

The Fetterman Files: Pennsylvania Democrat Brings Baggage To Senate Race

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman is campaigning on behalf of the Democratic Party for a seat in the United States Senate against Republican rival Dr. Mehmet Oz.

A graduate of Albright College and Harvard University, Fetterman began his career working for government public service agency AmeriCorps before moving to Braddock, Pennsylvania, which maintains a population of less than 2,000 people. Fetterman served as the mayor of the former steel town from 2006 to 2019 before beginning his tenure in Harrisburg.

The controversial politician — who wears hoodies and basketball shorts while in public and towers at six feet, eight inches — couples his unorthodox appearance with equally unorthodox policies. Fetterman has repeatedly nodded to drug decriminalization and monitored injection sites, as well as defended Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who is currently under investigation from Republican and Democratic members of the Pennsylvania House for allegedly neglecting to enforce the city’s laws.

Fetterman provoked ire in 2013 by responding to what he believed was gunfire by pulling a firearm on an African American and detaining him until police arrived — an incident that has generated unease among black Democratic voters.

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Fetterman also suffered a stroke days ahead of the 2022 primary elections. During the few public appearances he has made during the general election contest, he has slurred, repeated himself, and lost his train of thought. Much of his campaign has centered upon online trolling of Dr. Oz over his links to New Jersey and ownership of multiple properties.

In contrast to Oz’s success in the private sector, Fetterman — who received a salary of $1,800 during his tenure as mayor of Braddock — received five-figure annual allowances from his parents. Meanwhile, his sister allowed him to rent an apartment virtually for free.

Fetterman is currently leading Oz — who garnered controversy of his own during the Republican primary due to past support of abortion and gun control — in the polls. As of August, Fetterman led Oz by 48.4% to 43.5%, according to a survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group.