The Most Dangerous State Lawmaker In America

The Most Dangerous State Lawmaker In America

Legislators such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders often make headlines for their radically progressive agendas — from forcibly converting the entire economy to rely upon nascent green energy sources, to opening every federal social program for illegal migrants. Yet there is one state-level lawmaker who has repeatedly garnered the nation’s attention by making even the most extreme leftists in Congress seem like Rand Paul or Josh Hawley.

A brief overview of policies forwarded by Scott Wiener, a Democratic member of the California State Senate, establishes the official as one of the most dangerous lawmakers in the nation.

Legal Infanticide

The Golden State has a reputation for ardently supporting abortion — but Wiener supported a bill that would open the door to legal protections for killing pre-born babies after birth.

Assembly Bill 2223, which has passed both chambers of the California legislature, states that mothers cannot be held liable for either civil or criminal penalties “based on their actions or omissions” connected to a “perinatal death due to a pregnancy-related cause.” The word perinatal, which the legislation does not define, usually refers to a few weeks both before and after the baby is born — implying that protections for already-born babies against murder could be eroded in the name of choice.

The bill would also remove the requirement that coroners investigate the cause of “violent, sudden, or unusual deaths” related to “self-induced or criminal abortion.” It would also nix the requirement that an “unattended fetal death be handled as a death without medical attendance.”


If children in California manage to escape abortion and reach adolescence, legislation proposed and passed into law by Wiener could let adults sexually abuse them while more easily keeping their names off sex offender registries.

Senate Bill 145, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom two years ago, would allow a young adult who has a homosexual encounter with a minor escape registering as a sex offender in some cases, based upon the discretion of a judge. 

California law had previously dictated that any case of anal or oral sex with a minor, as well as vaginal penetration with any object besides a penis, requires the adult perpetrator to register as a sex offender, while judges had more leeway in cases of vaginal intercourse with an underage girl. Wiener said that the new law resolves California’s discrimination against homosexuals.

“I am so grateful that Governor Newsom — one of the LGBTQ community’s strongest allies ever — once again has shown that he’s willing to support our community when it’s hard,” Wiener, a homosexual himself, said upon the legislation’s approval. “Today, California took yet another step toward an equitable society.”

Other Democratic lawmakers, including Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzales, balked at the extreme legislation. “I cannot in my mind as a mother understand how sex between a 24-year-old and a 14-year-old could ever be consensual, how it could ever not be a registrable offense,” she remarked. “We should never give up on this idea that children should be in no way subject to a predator.”

Vaccines And Transgender Surgeries Without Parental Consent

Wiener has filed legislation twice this year eroding parental authority over their own children — once in relation to vaccines, and once in relation to transgender procedures.

Senate Bill 866 would allow children aged 12 and above to receive vaccines without parental consent since, according to Wiener, unvaccinated children put themselves and others at risk. He also noted that California lets teenagers access abortion without requiring the blessing of their mothers and fathers. “It’s unconscionable for teens to be blocked from the vaccine because a parent either refuses or cannot take their child to a vaccination site,” he argued.

Meanwhile, Senate Bill 107 states that courts would have “temporary emergency jurisdiction” if a child is “unable to obtain gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care.” Wiener condemned “vile anti-LGBTQ hate laws” from “right-wing politicians” that would prevent children from receiving dangerous surgeries and hormones against their parents’ wishes.

Males In Female Prisons

Wiener was the author of legislation permitting male California inmates to identify themselves as the opposite sex and relocate to female prisons.

Senate Bill 132, which became law at the beginning of last year, lets transgender, nonbinary, and intersex individuals stay in facilities that correspond to their professed gender. “It’s a really positive step forward,” Wiener remarked at a town hall event. “In California we are moving the opposite direction, embracing our trans siblings, making it clear that trans people are fully part of this community, and that we love and honor them, and that we are gonna lift them up.”

Multiple female inmates have since claimed that they were impregnated by fellow prisoners claiming transgender identity. The state of California reportedly began providing contraceptives, including Plan B, to female inmates forced to bunk with men — a policy that even provoked left-wing feminist groups to speak against the new legislation.

Decriminalized Psychedelics And Injection Sites

Wiener introduced legislation last year that would decriminalize possession of psychedelic drugs such as DMT, LSD, and MDMA.

Senate Bill 519, which was gutted two months ago into a study examining the possible effects of drug decriminalization, was initially proposed by Wiener as a purported solution to the War on Drugs, as well as a means to expand mental health treatment. 

Even as San Francisco witnesses a surge in drug overdoses, Wiener also introduced Senate Bill 57 in an effort to establish “safe injection sites” in his city. Although Newsom vetoed the proposal, Wiener argued that the legislation advanced a “proven model to help people avoid overdose deaths, reduce HIV and hepatitis transmission, reduce syringe litter, and help people access treatment.”