Tickets To Adele’s Rescheduled Vegas Residency Soar To More Than $40,000

Tickets To Adele’s Rescheduled Vegas Residency Soar To More Than $40,000

Fans are shocked to learn that some tickets to Adele’s rescheduled Las Vegas residency cost more than $40,000 each.

The news comes just days after Bruce Springsteen made headlines for pricey tickets to his upcoming tour. For The Boss, these costs were due to a “dynamic ticket pricing” method implemented by Ticketmaster. But for Adele, it appears the exorbitantly priced tickets come from the reseller platform Stubhub.

Bloomberg reported that on Monday night, two concert tickets cost $41,280 each. The publication noted that at least six other ticket tiers were available for $20,000 each, or more.

Adele just announced Monday that her residency was a go after being postponed in January. The “Easy On Me” singer said at the time that she “truly was heartbroken” to cancel the shows.

“I know for some of you it was a horrible decision on my part, and I will always be sorry for that, but I promise you it was the right one,” Adele said. The announcement confirmed that anyone who purchased tickets would get priority for the rescheduled dates.

The Grammy award winner blamed the postponement on the global pandemic and admitted her team was unprepared.

“I’m so sorry, but my show ain’t ready. We’ve tried absolutely everything we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you, but we’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and Covid,” Adele shared in an Instagram video at the time, per The Daily Wire

“Half my crew and team are down with Covid, they still are, and it’s been impossible to finish the show. I can’t give you what I have right now. And I’m gutted. I’m gutted. I’m sorry it’s so last minute, we’ve been awake for over 30 hours now trying to figure it out and we’ve run out of time,” she continued. 

“And I’m so upset and I’m really embarrassed and I’m so sorry to everyone that traveled again. I’m really, really sorry. I’m really sorry.”

Her effusive apology wasn’t enough for some fans who had already spent money on non-refundable airline tickets and hotel rooms. Now, those individuals could be looking at five-figure concert tickets, which isn’t likely to go over well, either.

The “Weekends with Adele” tour will run from November 18, 2022, until March 25, 2023.