‘Too Freaked Out’: Whoopi Goldberg Says ‘The View’ Won’t Be As ‘Slicked Up’ Due To Writers Strike

Whoopi Goldberg warned the audience of “The View” that the show won’t be as “slicked up” as usual because of the writers strike that began on Tuesday.

During Tuesday’s opening segment, Goldberg and the co-hosts bemoaned the fact that the show was lacking key ingredients because of a labor dispute between production studios and the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

“You know how we are always talking about how we are very different than most other shows?” Goldberg asked the audience. “Well, as you know there is a writers strike on and so we don’t have writers.”


At the top of the show, Whoopi warns that The View is not going to be funny for a while because all their writers are on strike.
“So, you’re going to hear how it would be when it’s, you know, slicked up. Okay?” pic.twitter.com/q9vHw7CXNJ

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) May 2, 2023

“Okay?” she added. “So, you’re going to hear how it would be when it’s not, you know, slicked up. Okay?”

Co-host Joy Behar explained again, “We don’t have writers today. We usually do have writers. It sounded like we never have writers.”

Goldberg then joked that Behar’s comment was a perfect example of why writers are needed.

Later, Goldberg asked executive producer Brian Teta during the show, “Since we don’t have writers, what do you think is next?”

As the episode concluded, Goldberg thanked viewers for tuning in and said she hoped they weren’t “too freaked out” by the content because “we have no writers.”

The comments follow reports that WGA members voted last month to authorize a strike if the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), a trade association that represents a collective of studios, did not approve a new contract with increased minimum compensation and larger contributions to benefits, the Hollywood Reporter noted.


On Tuesday, union members were told to inform their agents, lawyers, and managers that they are “immediately instructed to engage in no further negotiations, meetings or discussions with any struck company concerning my performance of writing services on future or pending projects, or for the sale or option of literary material I have written, alone or with a writing partner,” Deadline reported.

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