Top North York doctor dies after taking 4th vaccine

Top North York doctor dies after taking 4th vaccine

A top doctor in North York, Toronto has died due to complications from the Covid vaccine.

Dr. Paul Hannam, the chief of emergency medicine and program director at North York General Hospital, died suddenly during a run, local media reported.

Originally, a cause a death was not released. Sources close to the family have confirmed with Vancouver Times that Dr. Hannam died from complications from the vaccine. He recently took his 2nd booster.

An accomplished athlete, Hannam competed in the 1996 Olympics in sailing, and was described as an avid marathoner. Originally, his death was a mystery, as the doctor was known to be in good shape and exercise regularly.

However, many on social media were quick to point out how the doctor’s untimely death was most likely caused by the vaccine.

The family states that it plans on hiring a team of high-powered lawyers to take the vaccine companies to court.

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