‘Tough Slog’: Al Roker Finally Gives Fans An Update After Being Released From The Hospital For A Second Time

Longtime “Today” show host Al Roker didn’t beat around the bush when he finally gave fans an update about his condition following a second hospitalization in recent weeks.

In a video call from his home on Monday, the 68-year-old weather personality said his recent hospitalizations have been a “tough slog,” but thanked fans for all their love and support.

“Listen, it’s been a tough slog,” Roker shared. “I’m not going to deny this. It’s been the hardest one yet, and you know I’ve had my share of surgeries.”

“It gives you [a] profound sense of gratitude for this outpouring of prayers and thanks,” he added. “I’m a very fortunate person.”

The TV personality also thanked his “Today” show co-hosts who helped cheer him up when he was in the hospital.

“You guys have been terrific coming by the hospital,” Roker shared. “Hoda was actually, I think, named as an honorary doctor. She would literally show up. She did a ‘ho-didni’ the way she would just be there.”

The weather personality admitted that four weeks in the hospital was hard on his body and said he wasn’t ready to return to the set.

“You lose a certain amount of muscle mass for every week you’re in the hospital, and I was in the hospital for four weeks,” Roker explained. “It’s just a certain amount of weakness. I’m doing physical therapy every day, occupational therapy. I’ve got to just get my strength back.”

This morning, we’re checking in with @alroker! ❤️ pic.twitter.com/a3g67OeSDH

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) December 12, 2022

“I’ve got a number of issues, but I feel good, I feel strong, and every day I feel a little bit better,” he added. “I made dinner last night. I just feel like this is going to be a little bit of a slog, but there are a lot of people who have to deal with a lot more with a lot fewer resources. I’m very fortunate and very blessed to be able to have the resources I’ve had.”

On Thanksgiving, Roker posted photos on Instagram celebrating that he was finally out of the hospital after a blood clot in his leg “sent some clots into” his lungs.

However, he was rushed back to the hospital via ambulance on November 25 after falling ill just a day after being released.

Days later, the “Today” show confirmed that Roker was back in the hospital “due to some complications,” as they sent well wishes to their co-host.

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