Transgender Person Accused Of Exposing His Genitals To Women In Spa Arrested After Fleeing Police For 15 Months

The biological man, who claims to be a transgender woman and created a furor in Los Angeles by allegedly exposing his genitals to women and an underage girl at a spa, was arrested last week after fleeing authorities for over a year.

Darren Agee Merager, 53, who is a registered sex offender, was charged with five felony counts of indecent exposure after a viral altercation in June 2021. In a viral video at the time, an outraged woman lambasted a Los Angeles Wi Spa employee after Merager allegedly entered the women’s section, where women and young girls were permitted to be nude.

“So it’s okay — I just want to be clear with you — it’s okay, it’s okay for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women, young little girls under age?” the woman asked the employee.  “Your spa, Wi Spa, condoned that. Is that what you’re saying?”

After the employee’s response, the woman continued, “Like I asked. So he can stay there? He could stay there?”

In response, the employee referred to “sexual orientation,” prompting the angry woman to reply bluntly, “What sexual orientation? I see a d***. It lets me know he’s a man. He’s a man. He is a man. He is not no female. He is not a female. He is not a female. He is not a female, sweetie.”

The woman continued to blast spa management, accusing them of doing nothing.

“Girls down there, other women who are highly offended for what they just saw,” she said. “And you did nothing, absolutely nothing. In fact, you sided with him. So Wi Spa is in agreement with men that just say they are a woman and they can go down there with their penis and get into the women’s section, is that what you’re saying?”

Days after that incident, people identifying as “anti-fascist” activists attacked protesters who were demonstrating against the Wi Spa.  The activist group allegedly assaulted a videographer, attacked a female protester, and attacked a group of Christian street preachers, including hitting one in the face with a skateboard. Some reports in leftist media labeled the initial video a hoax.

A 2018 internal memo from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department noted, “Merager claims to identify as female so he can access women’s locker rooms and showers.”

Merager was also wanted for an alleged indecent exposure incident that occurred at a women’s changing area at a swimming pool in West Hollywood Park, The Daily Mail noted.

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