Trump Launches Attack On Ron DeSantis Ahead Of Midterm Election

Trump Launches Attack On Ron DeSantis Ahead Of Midterm Election

Former President Donald Trump (R) took a shot at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) during a campaign event Saturday night in Pennsylvania, just days before election for Florida’s governorship.

Trump made the attack while campaigning in Pennsylvania and he used a questionable poll that was conducted months ago, just shortly after the FBI’s criminal investigation into the former president’s handling of government records was made public following the Bureau’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

“Trump at 71, Ron DeSanctimonious at 10%,” Trump said as the crowd quieted.

There was very little reaction to Trump’s attack on DeSantis at the rally.

“Ron DeSanctimonious”

— Alex Thompson (@AlexThomp) November 6, 2022

Trump posted these numbers on his social media platform on September 16 and promoted them again this week on the account.

The reaction to Trump’s attack on DeSantis was overwhelmingly negative on the political Right, as many of the Left celebrated the infighting.

“DeSantis is an extremely effective conservative governor who has had real policy wins and real cultural wins,” Daily Wire host Matt Walsh tweeted. “Trump isn’t going to be able to take this one down with a dumb nickname. He better have more than that up his sleeve.”

“Also, nice job launching your public attack against the most popular conservative governor in America three days before the midterms when we’re all supposed to be showing a united front,” Walsh continued.

Or… Ron De…SaidNoToFauci… that’s another angle… #StandUpForAmerica

— Chip Roy (@chiproytx) November 6, 2022

Has a very “and where do you get your clothes, from the toilet store?” vibe.

Not gonna stick.

— Scott Jennings (@ScottJenningsKY) November 6, 2022

Enough, Trump. Stop. Move on

— Jennifer Van Laar (@jenvanlaar) November 6, 2022

“That’s Trump.”

Yes – he’s undisciplined and narcissistic, which leads him to do horribly counterproductive things

This is why a lot of serious MAGA types (myself included) prefer DeSantis

— Will Chamberlain (@willchamberlain) November 6, 2022

Attacking a popular Republican Governor 3 days before a key election. Notice is always only goes one way with Trump. DeSantis hasn’t said one bad word about Trump.

— AG (@AGHamilton29) November 6, 2022

This is a feature for Trump, not a bug. He’s trashing DeSantis right before his reelection to try and push down his margin of victory, and make him a less attractive 2024 candidate. That’s also why he’s rallying with Rubio in Florida, and not DeSantis. It’s all about Trump.

— Yair Rosenberg (@Yair_Rosenberg) November 6, 2022

When Desantis wins huge on Tuesday, it will be despite Trump — not because of him, as Trump will try to claim. Despite his instinctive, childish pettiness, he’s doing Ron quite a favor. #FLGov is about Ron, not Donald. Let’s see how that goes.

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) November 6, 2022

Weak. Attacking the governor when he’s running. This only helps democrats.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) November 6, 2022

Trump missed the mark with the quip about DeSantis tonight. It’s four days before the Midterm; the Governor is facing re-election and is a MAGA ally. No need for friendly fire. Keep the guns targeted on the Left.

— Election Wizard 🇺🇸 (@ElectionWiz) November 6, 2022

Trump hits DeSantis days before the election for the offense of being a rising star and refusing to bend a knee

— Rich Lowry (@RichLowry) November 6, 2022

This is who Trump has always been. He would rather sabotage GOP elected officials because he sees everyone as a rival for conservative’s affection.

— Brian Riedl 🧀 🇺🇦 (@Brian_Riedl) November 6, 2022

So it begins. In the 91.74% chance I vote GOP, DeSantis is obviously the better, smarter, less burdened candidate.


— Wilfred Reilly (@wil_da_beast630) November 6, 2022

Clunky insult. Losing his touch.

— Jon Gabriel (@exjon) November 6, 2022

This feels like the Steve Martin nose insult scene in the bar in Roxanne

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) November 6, 2022

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