Tulsi Gabbard Tells Rogan That Harris Is ‘Somebody That The Democratic Party Knows That They Can Control’

Tulsi Gabbard Tells Rogan That Harris Is ‘Somebody That The Democratic Party Knows That They Can Control’

Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said the reason Vice President Kamala Harris got backing from Democrats in 2019 — when she didn’t — was because Harris was “somebody that the Democratic Party knows that they can control.”

During Gabbard’s appearance Tuesday on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, the recent Democratic Party ex-pat called out members of the media and Democrat leadership who have refused to hold Harris accountable for her record.

Joe Rogan called Harris “absolutely terrible,” and the two laughed at one of the many things the vice president said recently, specifically when she stood at the “DMZ saying we are great allies with North Korea.”

“What a f*** up that was,” Rogan replied, suggesting it was maybe just a flub.

“I guess the problem is is it comes in a long line of flubs,” Gabbard explained.

The host said things soured for Gabbard with the Democratic Party when she “accurately pointed out” Harris’ record during the presidential debates and “sank any hope” Harris had of being president.” Rogan said Tulsi “opened up this discussion” about Harris’ “prosecution record” and the “things that she’s done that are absolutely illegal.”

“The thing about my exchange with her on that debate stage and you take a step back you got to question all those things I brought up on her record,” Gabbard said. “Easily Googleable on the first page when you look at Kamala Harris record, I didn’t have to dig very deep to see those issues and problems were with her record.”

“So, then the question is hey, why didn’t anybody in the media ask her these questions about the record that she said ‘I’m so proud of my record …’” she added. “No one in the media did that. There’s no other candidate on the debate stage who had the balls to bring that up.”

“How are voters supposed to be able to make their best informed decision when the media and fellow Democratic candidates who are running, who are her opponents in that race, don’t have the courage to ask a very factual question on a record that she says she’s proud of?” Gabbard continued.

Rogan asked whether she thought there was a “concerted effort to hide that information” or that people just thought, “if I do that then it’s going to f*** up my future” in the party.

Gabbard said she didn’t have the answer why nobody in the media or Democrat Party had “the courage to ask  her those questions.” But said if she were to guess it was because the vice president has “friends in high places,” because “she’s a woman of color, and no one wants to be seen as the person attacking a woman of color who’s running for president.”

“She was connected,” Gabbard said of Harris. “She’s playing the game. She’s somebody that the Democratic Party knows that they can control.”

In August 2019, Gabbard effectively ended Harris’ bid for president in a four-minute take-down at the Democratic presidential debate when the former congresswoman pointed out her record.


“I want to bring the conversation back to the broken criminal justice system that is disproportionately negatively impacting black and brown people all across this country to date,” Gabbard said at the time. “Senator Harris says she’s proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she’ll be a prosecutor president. But I’m deeply concerned about this record. There are too many examples to cite, but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations, and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.”

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