Twerking Girls In Bikinis Stage Boozy Pool Party On NYC Subway, Twitter Reacts

Twerking Girls In Bikinis Stage Boozy Pool Party On NYC Subway, Twitter Reacts

New York City commuters were treated to a bizarre, raunchy spectacle on the L train recently as a random pool party broke out complete with twerking girls in bikinis and free-flowing bottles of booze.

A short video clip of the event was shared by @_MikeFromQueens and quickly went viral. “Meanwhile in nyc,” the caption of the clip said.

Meanwhile on the NYC subway #NewYorkCity #mta

— Viral News NY (@ViralNewsNYC) July 26, 2022

Dancing women in skimpy bikinis splashed around in a blow-up pool, gave lap dances to bystanders, and writhed around on a slip-n-slide. The partygoers are also seen consuming alcohol and sharing it with people riding the train.

A person with dwarfism also donned a bathing suit and took his turn on the slip-n-slide in the viral clip.

“The most chaotic train ride ever,” one person tweeted in response to the video.

“I don’t understand why young women don’t get any respect,” another person said in response to the video. “Is this even legal. Apparently no indecency laws anymore.”

“Trigger alert, bros. The subways are to get from point a to point b. To the extent we tolerate inflicting ‘performance’ on commuters in a trapped environment, we further harm commuting return and MTA recovery. If you think this is cute, you are the problem,” another person fumed.

It’s unclear who staged the event or why.

This isn’t the worst PR for New York transit in recent weeks. Over the weekend, video of a 16-year-old assaulting a NYPD police officer at the 125th St.-Lexington Ave. subway station in East Harlem also went viral.

NYPD statistics show that transit crimes, including incidents of violence, are up a whopping 55% in 2022 compared to the same time last year, Daily Mail reported.

A recent MTA survey found that “personal safety & security” ranked first among passengers when it comes to “what needs to improve” to increase rider satisfaction, according to The New York Post. The next most pressing concerns for riders were “homeless people,” “people behaving erratically,” “wait times,” and “cleanliness.”