U.S. Birth Rates Decline As The Rotten Fruits Of Feminism Increase

A new report indicates that birth rates in the U.S. continue to decline, as nearly half of American women under 45 are childless, according to The New York Post.

After decades of feminists discouraging and even villainizing the beauty of women having children and a family — does that study really surprise anybody?

No, it is the logical outcome when millions buy into the lie of feminism. The dwindling birth rate is one of the casualties of the war on the family.

This is a topic I return to repeatedly. There is a war on fertility in America and there has been since the 1970s. The government is a chief proponent of this war, as it has encouraged women around the globe to take birth control pills for decades.

Leftists say that it’s needed so women can pursue a career rather than be a homemaker. Worse, the dominant message is that women shouldn’t want to have children and instead should want to work. Taking care of husbands or children — is oppressive, the argument goes. 

The Left, as well as elected officials, are increasingly anti-family. Because of that, you should not trust the government, least of all with your ovaries and your fertility.

But what do I know? I am not Dr. Fauci. How could I possibly understand the science behind why inserting hormones into your body every single day is somehow healthy?

Well, maybe I think this because I have common sense. Who could have common sense and think that putting hormones into your body a la birth control every day is a good thing for years on end?

At the same time, the culture has told young girls and women that they need to be equal to men — which means they can’t be mothers and need to have a career outside the home.

So now, as evidenced by this story in The New York Post, America is in a crisis. Birth rates are still dropping. Single women who bought into feminism full-fledged are increasingly unhappy.

How come? Well, as Dr Jordan B Peterson recently explained, it’s because they have been told at least three lies. 

“What our society does to 19-year-old women or 18-year-old women … we just lie to them all the time,” he said. “You know, the first lie is there’s nothing more important than your career, more or less by definition. So that’s the first lie. The second is there will be nothing more important to you in your life than your career. So that’s the second lie, and then the third lie is there should be nothing more important in your life than your career. So that’s the third lie.”

Peterson also observed that women naturally understand that something is amiss when they enter their late twenties. Contrary to what they’ve been told, women’s nurturing instincts kick in and they desire to have a family, generally speaking.

“What I’ve seen is that as women progressed towards their … late twenties, there’s a psychological transformation,” the psychologist added. “And what happens is that they place less emphasis on their career and way more emphasis, particularly on having a child. And that really reaches a crisis point around 29 or 30 for the vast majority of women and their attitude flips. And I’ve seen it flipped very dramatically with many women.” 

Again, that is all common sense, but feminism lies to you by saying it won’t happen to you. But the poisonous cancer of feminism cannot compete with real life and how your body and mindset change as you get older as a woman.

Now, if you are a younger person listening to my podcast then this might seem far out there. Perhaps you have heard people talk about the “biological clock ticking” or “baby fever” but always thought that it was this sort of imaginary idea.

My own personal experience alongside countless other women can tell you that there is a shift among women in their late twenties. It just happens.

I was shocked by it when it happened to me. In my early twenties, I was wild and I was free and the concept of being a wife and a mother was so far off. Then, when I turned 26, suddenly there was this alarm going off inside of my body and all I wanted to do was find a mate and have children and begin that part of my life.

Many moms can relay similar experiences.

That was not taught to me. In fact, I was told the opposite. Thankfully, I didn’t go down the road of feminism.

For many who do go down that road, they suddenly realize it might be too late to have children after investing so much time in a career. Their biological clock tells them that time is running out and then — women tend to go crazy.

Now, there will be some women who write in the comments that they’ve never had children with their husbands and that they’re perfectly happy. That might be true and there are exceptions to every rule. I am not talking about you.

But, generally, when I come across a full-fledged feminist woman who has warded off men — she isn’t a very happy person. In fact, some of the craziest and most bitter people I have seen out there are the most radical feminists.

We all know them, they marched in the streets looking possessed with a burning anger.

But it’s not possession, it’s simply unhappiness — and that is what has been taught to generations of girls for 50 years.

It seems the fruits of that message can be seen in our low fertility rates.

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