‘Unique Threat To Children’: Tulsi Gabbard Vows To Battle Radical Gender Theory With Daily Wire’s Walsh

Tulsi Gabbard is coming to Nashville to stand with The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, and stand up for children confused about their gender.

 Gabbard said she’ll speak her mind at Walsh’s Friday “Rally to End Child Mutilation,” an event aimed at ending the practice of performing irreversible medical procedures on minors. The U.S. Army Reserve officer, who did a 12-month tour in Iraq before serving four terms representing Hawaii in the House of Representatives, said radical gender theory has gone too far and now threatens children.

“Women fought for the right to compete on a level playing field in sports when they faced discrimination on the basis of sex,” Gabbard said. “Now, the progress women and girls have made is being eroded, and so-called woke gender ideology poses a unique threat to children who are not old enough to make such permanent, irreversible decisions.”


The rally will take place at the Tennessee state capitol. Walsh, whose hit documentary “What is a Woman?” took aim at the radical gender theory that claims adults and even small children can change their biological sex, said Gabbard will join a host of compelling speakers.

“Our rally against gender ideology madness and child mutilation is on Friday. Speakers include Senator Marsha Blackburn, Colin Wright, Scott Newgent and Chloe Cole. I’m excited to announce [Tulsi Gabbard] will be speaking as well. The movement is growing,” Walsh announced Tuesday on Twitter.

The rally, which starts at 4 p.m. on October 21 at the War Memorial Plaza outside the state capitol building, follows Walsh’s exposé of the Vanderbilt Pediatric Gender Clinic’s transgender treatment on minors.

Gabbard, who introduced a bill in Congress in December 2020 that would have banned biological males from competing in women’s sports, recently left the Democratic Party, calling it an “elite cabal of warmongers.”

Aside from Blackburn, other Tennessee state lawmakers, including Republican House Majority Leader William Lamberth and state Senator Jack Johnson.

Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee told The Daily Wire late last month that he was working with Lamberth and Johnson on legislation to stop irreversible chemical and surgical operations on gender dysphoric children, which can include breast amputation. Vanderbilt University Medical Center earlier this month placed a moratorium on such procedures.

“We should not allow permanent, life altering decisions that hurt children, like we saw on display at VUMC,” Casey Sellers, a spokeswoman for Lee, said in a statement to The Daily Wire. “The Governor is in communication with Leader Johnson and Leader Lamberth about legislative solutions, and we look forward to working with them and many other Tennesseans who are passionate about protecting children.”

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