VIDEO: Black Grade School Kids Beat Up White Kids Who Won’t Say ‘Black Lives Matter’

Black students at an Ohio elementary school reportedly forced white students to say “Black Lives Matter,” and when some students balked, beat them up.

Newly-released surveillance video from February 10 at Kenwood Elementary School shows a student in a white shirt taken by two other students to the swings, where a third student knocks him to the ground. Later, another student is carried there and dropped to the ground; lastly, another student gets shoved to the ground.

School Principal Evan Hunsaker stated that “a few of the students who had tried to avoid the situation, were chased down and escorted, dragged, or carried to the spot on the playground. One student was also punched in the head by one of the suspects,” according to a Springfield, Ohio, police report.

“According to a Springfield police report, a group of black students forced white students to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ against their will. Some of the kids were assaulted as this happened,” WHIO reported.

“The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents the District from disclosing personally identifiable information or details about the discipline of a child to anyone other than their parent or guardian,” the Springfield City School District district stated, adding:

Moving forward from this experience, the District is working closely with counselors, mental health experts and multiple community partners and agencies to provide support to children and staff directly involved, as well as those not directly involved. The District will use this experience as an opportunity to strive fotold WKEF< r greater acceptance, grow and reinforce community connections.

Daniel Harr, who said his son was one of the children thrown to the ground, told WKEF, “Just because it’s reversed [racism,] it’s still not all right.”

Harr’s wife wrote on Facebook, “Kenwood Elementary families! I just wanted to let people know that my 12 year old was really forced on his knees Friday and to say blm. Watch your babies! This is getting unsafe!” She said of her son, “He’s not excited to go to school at all. He’s terrified.”

“I really feel like they should at least be expelled,” Daniel Harr concluded.

On February 20, Springfield Police announced they were pursuing charges against the assailants.

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