WATCH: Dennis Prager Challenges Viewers To ‘Do What You Fear’

What most prevents people from living a full life? What most causes people to act irrationally? Dennis Prager argues that the answer to both questions is fear.

The questions are the focus of the latest 5-Minute Video from PragerU, called “Do What You Fear.”

In the fascinating discussion, Prager first emphasizes leading a fulfilling life and notes how fear can prevent people from doing so. For example, people fear speaking in public or traveling to a faraway location, so they never do.

“People’s fear of failure prevents them from pursuing some of the things they most ache to do. The list is almost endless,” Prager states.

The PragerU co-founder then shifts to a discussion of why people act irrationally.

Many people fear flying even though far more people die in accidents in their home or car. “But because of their irrational fear of flying, they won’t fly or will do so very rarely. As a result, they see family members and friends who live far away less often than they would like, and they will never see almost any of the world,” Prager explains.

The COVID-19 pandemic offered many examples of irrational fear, such as keeping people alone and indoors for two years, the video argues. Researchers continue to discover the impact of the pandemic’s separation on Americans, including increases in depression and suicide.

Prager then addressed the question of, “How do I conquer my fears?”

His response advises viewers to follow reason and to do what you fear.

Unlike animals, humans have the ability to conquer their fears and make decisions to change habits in positive ways.

Prager reminds viewers that during the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt famously told the American people, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” He advises a similar challenge to those seeking to live a fulfilling life today.

Fear can be a powerful emotion, leading humans to protect themselves in the face of danger. However, the same emotion can lead to irrational choices that hinder people from living a fulfilling life. Prager challenges people to think clearly and live boldly to “do what you fear.”


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