WATCH IT: Atlanta Police Release Footage Of Alleged Terror Attack

Video shows frantic scenes from the site of a training center for police, firefighters, and EMTs in Atlanta on Sunday evening when black-clad rioters stormed the area in what officials are describing as a domestic terrorism attack.

More than 20 minutes of surveillance footage, released by the Atlanta Police Department, caught the unrest from a variety of angles.

The video shows people throwing objects, authorities arriving on the scene, officers nearly being struck by what appears to be fireworks, and multiple pieces of construction equipment on fire.


Police said a group of “violent agitators” wearing all-black “used the cover of a peaceful protest” and conducted a “coordinated attack” at the construction area of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, which critics have dubbed “Cop City.”


Officers “exercised restraint” and used non-lethal enforcement to conduct arrests of at least 35 people, police said. Twenty-three individuals are facing a domestic terrorism charge, a felony that could warrant up to 35 years in prison. A list provided by police shows only two of these people are from Georgia, while the rest are from other states as well as France and Canada.

In a statement, Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp said “domestic terrorism will NOT be tolerated in this state,” and pledged, “We will not rest until those who use violence and intimidation for an extremist end are brought to full justice.”

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