Wednesday Afternoon Update: Speaker Race Continues, Biden Not Invited To Pope’s Funeral, And More

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Still No Speaker

The speakership of the House is still up in the air. After six rounds of votes, Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) does not have the necessary number of votes to secure the title of House Speaker. Congress adjourned without a clear path forward.

Biden Not Invited To Pope’s Funeral

President Joe Biden was not invited to Thursday’s funeral of Pope Benedict XVI. Instead, the U.S. ambassador to Italy will represent America at the pontiff’s burial, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday. It was not clear if the lack of an invitation was a direct snub to Biden, a Catholic who nonetheless is an ardent supporter of abortion.

Two Men Arrested Over Recent Substation Attack

Two men have been arrested over recent attacks on electrical substations in the Pacific Northwest. Authorities allege that the two men damaged energy substations in order to break into a nearby local business on Christmas day.

“Romeo and Juliet” Suing Over Nude Scenes in 1968

The stars of the hit 1968 movie “Romeo and Juliet,” Olivia Hussey, now aged 71, and Leonard Whiting, now aged 72, are suing Paramount Pictures, claiming that nude shots of them were filmed and released without their consent at the ages of 15 and 16 when the movie was produced.

Japan Offers Families Big Bucks To Move Out Of Tokyo

In international news, Japan is reportedly set to offer families around $7,600 per child to move out of Tokyo because of population concerns. The amount is an increase from what the government was already providing per child for people to move out of the Tokyo metro region.

Idaho Murder Suspect Transported From Pennsylvania Today

The Idaho murder suspect was transported from Pennsylvania to Moscow, Idaho, on Wednesday to face trial over the slaying of four college students. Authorities in Idaho and Pennsylvania are coordinating on the investigation.

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