While Critics Focus On Fetterman’s Stroke, Doctor Warns Of Potentially More Serious Health Problem

While Critics Focus On Fetterman’s Stroke, Doctor Warns Of Potentially More Serious Health Problem

On the eve of Election Day, a prominent internal medicine doctor pointed out that although the public has focused on Pennsylvania Democratic senatorial candidate John Fetterman’s possible brain impairment from the stroke he had last spring, no one was talking about the cardiac problems associated with it.

Dr. Marc Siegel, from NYU Langone hospital, spoke on Fox News.

“We talked about how concerned I am and others are about the impact of this stroke and his comprehension ability and his ability to make decisions and executive function, which he’d have to do daily in office and he’d have to juggle many balls at once,” Siegel told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “And a lot of us have a lot of concern about that and have been calling for his records, for transparency, which he hasn’t shown. He’s shown some courage, as we’ve said, but no transparency.”

Then Siegel segued into a discussion of Fetterman’s underlying heart problems, saying, “But you know what we haven’t talked about? We haven’t talked about his heart. And there’s a lot of info about his heart that’s very concerning.”

“In 2017, a real cardiologist saw him, Dr. Ramesh Chandrah in Pittsburgh, who said that his legs were swollen and his heart was weak, and he put him on medication, and you know what Fetterman did?” Siegel asked rherotically. “He didn’t show up to a doctor for five years and he didn’t take that medication. Doctors would all be horrified by that. Instead, he had the stroke and then he went back and saw Dr. Chandra again, and Dr, Chandra got involved and they put a pacemaker in and a defibrillator in.”

“And Fetterman himself has said that his stroke was due to a blood clot from the heart,” Siegel pointed out. “That is very significant … because a study out of a journal called Stroke, very prominent journal looking at over 6,000 people from Great Britain, has found that if your blood clot comes from the heart, you have more than a 60% chance of either not living for five years or having another stroke within those five years. Greater than 60% chance.”

Siegel concluded, “So I say to the voters of Pennsylvania tonight who are ready to check a box tomorrow, ‘I think before you check a box you should consider a statistic like that: Greater than 60% chance that someone like Fetterman, with a heart in his condition, having had a stroke, will either have a recurrence or won’t survive the term.’”

In October, Dr. Clifford Chen, Fetterman’s doctor, contended his patient was recovering well but still had trouble with “auditory processing.”

“It later emerged that Chen, who works out of a clinic in Duquesne, a suburb of Pittsburgh, had given cash to Fetterman’s campaign and dozens of other Democrat causes,” The Daily Mail noted.