Whoopi Goldberg Claims First Amendment Doesn’t Allow People To Lie

Whoopi Goldberg claimed on Wednesday that the First Amendment did not allow people to “willingly lie” — and argued that Fox News, after airing never-before-seen footage from January 6th, was “recruiting domestic terrorists.”

Goldberg made the comments during Wednesday’s broadcast of her ABC midday talk show — “The View” — and she argued that it “should be against the law” for Fox News host Tucker Carlson to have access to and the ability to air footage that the January 6th Committee had opted not to show the American people.


Whoopi Goldberg suggests that the government should shut down Fox News and prosecute everyone there for “recruiting” domestic terrorists.
And she also claims the First Amendment has limits: “[It] doesn’t allow you to willingly lie.”
Meanwhile, The View is a cesspool of misinfo. pic.twitter.com/7RkUjBWoZN

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“I have a question, I have a question,” Goldberg began, referencing the newly-released footage. “How come this is not thought of as being recruiting? How come they’re not thinking about this as … radicalizing — why is this not being scrutinized the way they scrutinize other things, because to me, this is — this should be against the law.”

“You should not be able to lie to the American [people] — knowingly,” Goldberg continued. “You know, it’s one thing if you made a mistake and you didn’t know, but we heard for five or six years how, you know, the media was a lying sack of doo, they were ‘fake news’ … so how come — what is our — what do we do as Americans to say this is not okay?”

Cohost Sara Haines interrupted, pointing out the fact that people who disagreed with her had a First Amendment right to say so — but Goldberg quickly shot her down.

“The First Amendment doesn’t allow you to willingly lie,” Goldberg asserted, despite volumes of case law that suggest otherwise in all but a few very specific cases.


Goldberg claimed on Tuesday’s show that Americans should believe their eyes and ears when watching footage released the day of the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill — and the footage that was edited, produced, and released by the January 6th Committee — but suggested that the footage aired by Carlson should be held to a different standard.


Whoopi Goldberg on Tucker Carlson releasing never-before-seen Jan. 6 footage: “Tucker Carlson took a page from George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and told his viewers to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears.” pic.twitter.com/GNcdXpEvep

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) March 7, 2023

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