Why Birth Control Is A Terrible Idea

First and foremost, before we even get into the topic of birth control, I believe there’s a natural guide inside of us, a spiritual discernment, that says this is probably just not a good idea. Right?

You don’t have a study to back it up.

You don’t necessarily need the facts laid bare in front of you. But something is already telling you ‘red flag, red flag, red flag.’

I had this same exact feeling when I was a kid and doctors were trying to get me to take birth control.

If you are a girl, you know what I’m talking about. At around the age of 13, every time you go to the gynecologist, no matter what you say is wrong with you — maybe I’m being slightly hyperbolic — they just offer you birth control. At least that’s how I remember it.

You go in to the doctor and you say, “My tooth hurts.” They say, “Have you tried birth control?”

You say, “I’m a little tired.” They say, “OK, have you tried birth control? It could help with that.”

You say, “I’m getting these migraines. “ And they say, “Birth control can help with that.”

And I remember thinking, ‘How is it possible that birth control is just the catchall for everything?’ It just fixes everything that is possibly wrong with you. That makes entirely no sense to me.

And yet I went on birth control for three months when I was 16 years-old because it became like the culturally cool thing to do.

Now, at around the age of 16 you’re taking health classes and you kind of have that systematic brainwash happening at that level of education.

They’re saying to you, ‘Oh, it’s cool. Everybody’s having sex.’ ‘The cool girls are the ones who are on birth control and their moms even go and pick it up for them.’

You do it to fit in. And that’s what I did. I felt like I did it to fit in.

But after three months of being on birth control, I can tell you, it was horrendous.

I hated every second of it. I felt different. I’m very I’ve always been very in tune with my body. I just felt off. And so I stopped taking it.

Listen, I can’t whip out the manual and tell you all the reasons why birth control is bad for you. But obviously, a low-level of hormone ingested into your body every single day for decades is probably not a good thing long-term.

Do you really need a doctor to tell you that? Do you really need a study to tell you that?

Do you really believe what doctors tell you? No impact whatsoever? Really? It’s good for you, they say, because you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re not going to get pregnant. 

It was the same with vaccines. Did you really believe the COVID vaccine was perfectly safe and effective even though it was rushed? Yet, they suddenly wanted every single person to believe it.

That’s what I’m talking about when I say spiritual discernment.

I’m bringing this up today because the BBC recently published a story about women in Greenland who unknowingly had birth control devices placed in their bodies. As the BBC reports:

Thousands of women in Greenland, including some as young as 12, had a contraceptive device implanted in their womb — often without consent — as part of a Danish campaign to control Greenland’s growing Inuit population in the 60s and 70s.

So, there’s this podcast called the Coil Campaign. They found records indicating that around 4,500 Greenlandic women and girls were fitted for this ‘coil’ which, by the way, is probably just an IUD — a copper coil they inserted into certain women.

Today, women in America are opting into the same thing and it terrifies me. How could you possibly think that it’s good to have something inserted into your body long-term? 

4,500 women in Greenland — that was about half of the 9,000 women of fertile age living in the country at the time. One woman shared how shocked she was to find she already had a coil in her:

I remember the tears rolling down my cheeks, and I told them that I couldn’t understand how I already had a coil in me … How could I not remember when I had it put in?

She believes it must have been inserted back when she had an abortion at the age of 16 — which is terrifying.

The entire birth control industry is so in our faces. It’s truly birth ‘control.’ We have a ton of women now struggling to get pregnant after decades and decades of being on birth control. Now they want to have a kid. Do we not think that by inserting devices and ingesting pills designed to trick our bodies into believing that they’re not supposed to have a child that there won’t be problems? That it can now have a child?

Just from a common sense perspective, there have to be more severe implications here.

And I know I’m going to get hate mail because I’m coming for your contraceptives. But girls, ladies, I just have to tell you what is in my heart.

So, no, I don’t believe in taking any of this stuff. No, I am not a doctor. And I should say, for safety, that you should consult your doctor and have him or her explain why it’s perfectly safe for you to put a copper coil inside of your body and to leave it there.

Or you could consult yourself and use common sense.

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