Woke Virginia Middle School Ignores Whites, Asians When Offering College Prep Classes

A middle school in a woke Virginia school district sent a letter to parents offering college preparation classes urging black and Hispanic students to apply, but ignored white and Asian students.

“Do you have an 8th grader who WANTS to go to college?” the letter, which was sent to parents on March 1, asked. “Do they fall into one or more of these categories?” The deadline for application was March 10.

“Black or African American” and “Hispanic students, of one or more race” were listed, along with students who would be the first in their family to go to college in the U.S., students with disabilities, English learners, and economically disadvantaged students.

“If you do, PLEASE APPLY for Fairfax County’s Partnership Program,” the letter urged. “A typical CCP student represents a traditionally underrepresented population in higher education.”

“In the 20th century, Asian Exclusion Act denied Asians equal opportunities,” former Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Nomani noted. “Now @FCPSNews promotes a college prep program with race-based admissions, excluding Asians + whites. A judge already ruled FCPS violated US Constitution in new anti-Asian admissions.”

Nomani also pointed out, “The perks also include monetary rewards: ‘A summer experiential learning opportunity (you actually visit a college and stay on their campus!).’”

“This program excludes children based on race, and it seems to be in direct violation of the school district’s own anti-discrimination policy.” Glenn Miller, an attorney whose child is in the school system, told Fairfax Times.

Asian students comprise 19% of the 181,447 students, school district data tabulated in February revealed; the 666,263 white students comprise 37% of the total student population.

“No applicant or employee on the basis of, of race, sex, color, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, genetic information, pregnancy status, childbirth or related medical conditions, marital status, veteran status, and disability shall be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under, any education program or activity, as required by law,” the Fairfax School District’s anti-discrimination policy states.

In 2021, the Fairfax County School District sent a PowerPoint to teachers explaining how to implement Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom.

Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) district sent out a resource — intended to be a “teacher facing item” — which defined Critical Race Theory, explaining how to implement the ideologies in the classroom. Examples included “culturally relevant pedagogy,” “institutional/systemic racism,” “anti-racism education,” “anti-hate education,” and more.

“In adopting this approach, CRT scholars attempt to understand how victims of systemic racism are affected by cultural perceptions of race and how they are able to represent themselves to counter prejudice,” the PowerPoint read.

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