Woman Claims ‘Green Vegetables’ Convinced Her That Her Child Was Transgender

A Louisiana woman claimed during a Tuesday hearing that an unusual affinity for “raw green vegetables” was one of the clues that led her to believe her daughter would identify as transgender.

The woman appeared before the Louisiana State House’s Health and Welfare Committee to speak ahead of a vote on HB 463, which would ban so-called “gender-affirming” surgical procedures for minors, and she laid out some of the signs that had stood out to her prior to her daughter’s eventual announcement that she identified as male.


A woman testifying to the Louisiana House of Reps against HB 463, which would ban pediatric gender mutilation, says that she knew her daughter was actually a boy because “her food choices were odd. They were always raw green vegetables.” pic.twitter.com/ts7wFpG5W8

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) May 2, 2023

“We couldn’t figure out what the problem was. We took him to specialists, neurologists, and had brain scans trying to figure out why he couldn’t sleep,” the woman began, explaining that her child had exhibited anxiety and trouble sleeping over a long period of time. “Then as he grew, he got to sleeping but his food choices were odd. They were always like green vegetables, raw green vegetables — which, you know kids, most kids don’t like to eat those things.”

“All of those things, once we figured out that he was transgender, when he came to us and told us that he was transgender, when we went back and realized that the pattern of everything that he had experienced as a child — including eating green vegetables because that boosts testosterone — were just methods of his body trying to become who he was meant to be,” she concluded. “His brain does not match his physiology.”

And while there may be some truth to the notion that raw green vegetables — particularly Swiss chard, kale, and spinach, which are high in magnesium — could have a positive impact on testosterone levels, the same could be said of other foods such as pomegranates, oysters, certain fishes, onions, and raw ginger.

Another mother who testified at the same hearing said that she first knew her daughter would eventually identify as male because at 18 months old, the child gravitated toward “boy” toys during a shopping trip.


This lady says that she had a gut feeling that her daughter was a boy when she liked to play with male toys when she was 18 months old and is now going to start “gender affirming care” at 11 years old. pic.twitter.com/cEV2jVZ845

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) May 2, 2023

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