Women Destroy New York Fast Food Shop, Send Employee To Hospital Because Extra Sauce Was $1.75

Women Destroy New York Fast Food Shop, Send Employee To Hospital Because Extra Sauce Was $1.75

Three women destroyed a Bel-Fries restaurant in New York City on Sunday and left employees bloodied reportedly because extra sauce cost $1.75, according to footage obtained by Univision.

The women threw glass bottles and other objects at restaurant workers, according to the Spanish-language outlet. Video of the incident — which went viral on social media — depicts dozens of onlookers filming with their cell phone cameras as the eatery was destroyed.

Bel fires in NYC. Unclear how this started or what day it was on . #news #NewYorkCity #NYC pic.twitter.com/jQ9voIhblW

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“They wanted extra sauce for the potatoes and, when we explained that they have a cost of $1.75, they were upset. And that’s where it all started,” chef Rafael Nuñez, who recorded the incident with his phone, told Univision, with remarks translated into English by The Daily Wire. “We explained to them that this is a business rule and that it is equal for everyone, but they did not understand.”

The NYPD confirmed to Univision that the three women — Pearl Ozaria, Chitara Plasencia, and Tatiyanna Johnson — had been arrested. They are 27, 25, and 23 years old, respectively. One worker was hospitalized with head injuries and high blood pressure.

Nuñez said that the women destroyed the establishment’s computers, stole cash from the register, and threw sauce containers across the restaurant. He added that he was unsure of how he could defend himself since the perpetrators were women.

“It only occurred to me to take out the phone as a defense, in case something happened to me, so that it was recorded,” Nuñez continued. “I thought about using a knife, or pouring hot oil on them, but none of that seemed appropriate to me. Then I felt… impotence because I wanted to retaliate, but I didn’t know how.”

Another employee, Victoria Baez, said that the women threw hot sauce and tequila at her face, which affected her ability to see.

“I turned on the alarm to scare them, because sometimes that works, but not with them. They didn’t leave,” she told Univision. “And the saddest thing is that everyone saw it as a joke and laughed. No-one stopped them.”

Likewise, another recent disturbing viral video shows a New York City subway passenger shouting obscenities, kicking a window, and grabbing a woman’s hair as onlookers made no move to help her.

The unruly individual — dressed in an ill-fitting white hoodie — was storming throughout the subway car as other riders attempted to avoid him or her. The passenger abruptly sat down next to a woman; when she tried to get up and leave, the passenger grabbed her hair and yanked her back into her seat.

Just another day in new york city safest subway system, where innocent people are being harassed and assaulted.

But the mayor wants you to ride the subway instead of driving, to save the environment. pic.twitter.com/9FfVzfzLoC

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“Somebody help me,” mouthed the distressed woman, as none of her fellow subway riders responded. A few moments later, the passenger — continuing to tug her hair — stood, yelled “get up,” and forced the woman to her feet, shoving her to the other end of the subway car. The passenger then stormed angrily away, shouting, “shut the f*** up!”

In New York City, monthly felony assaults had risen year-over-year by 15% by the end of 2021, while murder had increased by 42% over a two-year period. Bank of America told its New York City employees to “dress down” during their commutes to lower the risk of assault, while Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, admitted earlier this year that he does not feel safe taking the subway.