‘You Can’t Nurture Anything’: Country Singer Sunny Sweeney Says Being On The Road Led To End Of Her Marriage

Country music singer Sunny Sweeney said being on the road led to the end of her marriage after she decided to walk down the aisle a second time in 2011. However, seven years later the marriage was over.

The 46-year-old said she married “really young” the first time around and it was “really quick.” When Sweeney re-married in 2011, she thought “he was definitely the one,” but the marriage was over seven years later, according to People magazine.  The outlet did not mention her ex-husbands’ names or careers.

“I’m obviously not proud of it, and I definitely didn’t tell a lot of people,” Sweeney shared. “Being on the road really sucks, you know? I mean, I love being on the road. It’s the only thing that I actually love unconditionally. But being on the road is very hard on a relationship. It’s literally what’s taken away my relationships from me. You can’t nurture anything when you’re gone as much as we are.”

Sunny Sweeney Blames the Road for the Demise of Her Second Marriage: ‘You Can’t Nurture Anything’ https://t.co/UWd8K2MSWn

— People (@people) December 13, 2022

In her latest album and single, both titled “Married Alone,” the singer gets raw about the emotional split she experienced, the outlet noted.

“I feel like this album, and the song ‘Married Alone’ itself, is a really different way to look at a marriage falling apart,” Sweeney shared. “It’s basically like you’re watching your marriage fall apart in the song. That’s what my ex-husband and I did. We watched our marriage go to shambles right in front of us. And every day I was gone, it got worse.”

Sweeney spoke earlier this year about the release of her emotionally-charged duet “Married Alone” and recruiting country legend Vince Gill to help her, Taste of Country noted.

“I was coming out of a sticky divorce, and all the feelings were still so raw,” Sweeney shared at the time. “I felt the words, not just heard them.”

“My initial instinct was to have a male feature, and my mind immediately went to Vince,” she added. “I then committed to him in my mind, and thought if he was unavailable, then I would just do it alone.”

“I am eternally grateful to [Vince] for lending his gorgeous voice to this, as I feel like it pushed it to another level,” Sweeney continued.

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