YouTube Star Steven Crowder, Known For ‘Change My Mind’ Segments, Announces He’s Leaving The Blaze

“Louder with Crowder” host Steven Crowder announced Thursday that he’s leaving The Blaze after four years.

The 35-year-old Canadian-American commentator is well known in conservative media for his comic spin on politics and current events. His popular “Change My Mind” segments, in which he sets up a table on college campuses and other locations to challenge passersby to talk him out of non-progressive opinions on controversial topics, have gone viral numerous times. His show has frequently been on Apple’s Top 100 podcasts chart.

“I, Mug Club, am leaving The Blaze,” said Crowder, who praised The Blaze and his colleagues at the company. “I’ve lost sleep over this for months, because I knew that I wouldn’t be renewing and of course The Blaze knew that I wouldn’t be renewing. But I have no way of reaching you.”

“I & Mug Club are leaving the Blaze.”

If you’re a Mug Club member or if you want to sign up for it in the new year, add your email here:

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) December 15, 2022

Crowder, who refers to his audience as the “Mug Club,” has a YouTube channel with nearly six million subscribers and he has more than one million more on Rumble.

Blaze Media is an influential conservative media firm based in Irving, Texas, that grew out of a company originally founded in 2010 by conservative television and radio host Glenn Beck.

Some of Crowder’s most memorable “Change My Mind” segments have dealt with gender and abortion. No matter the topic, Crowder conducts the interviews with people who hold opposing viewpoints in an effort to encourage respectful and open dialogue, something that has been missing for so long from college campuses. In one viral clip, Crowder helps one person discover he’s wrong about 1.7% of the population being intersex with just a few clicks on Google.

Crowder invited fans to sign up at, which was back up after what Crowder described as a targeted DDOS attack. Crowder pledged not to inundate fans’ inboxes with spam, but said he would soon notify those who signed up for updates of where his “new home” would be.

Crowder said both he and The Blaze knew their partnership was ending for some time and that it “always weighed heavy” on his heart for people who subscribed and didn’t get a full year’s worth of content. He said the best way for fans to stay in touch, besides signing up on the website, is to follow him on social media and the video platform Rumble.

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